Herd Consulting and Business/Project Management Services
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PWR Data collection programs focused on DNA verification of industry driven data
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Market genetics/products through the PWR network of industry partners and clientele
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Welcome to Premier Wagyu Resources

Drawing from over 25+ years of commercial and registered cattle experience with multiple breeds, as well as serving as the former Executive Director of the American Wagyu Association, has given Premier Wagyu Resources the insight into both the unique challenges and opportunities of breeding Wagyu.  Premier Wagyu Resources was established to address those challenges and opportunities by providing services, information and resources to registered and commercial Wagyu cattle breeders.  Premier Wagyu Resources’ mission is working together with breeders, feeders and suppliers to facilitate and promote success for all facets within the Wagyu industry.

These services promote the advancement of the quality of genetics within the Wagyu breed and the ability to obtain the best possible ROI with those Wagyu genetics.

Premier Wagyu Resources is focused on three primary services to assist Wagyu breeders in reaching those goals of better genetics and best possible ROI. Those services are: Overall Program Management, Data Collection and Marketing.

PWR is offered to both Wagyu seedstock producers and commercial Wagyu and Wagyu influenced producers.